How you doin?

Welcome to V

With extreme pleasure (and also a little bit of embarrassment) we introduce «V»,the new restaurant in the centre of Valdobbiadene. The new restaurant in Hotel Diana.

We have prepared ourselves, before presenting us, we have thoroughly prepared ourselves: during all these years we have welcomed hundreds of guests who every day chose Hotel Diana to spend a few days among the astonishing hills of Valdobbiadene.

The next and natural step – given the many appreciations received – was to want to share our cuisine philosophy with everyone. With one main rule: not to focus on quantity but to make privacy, sobriety and intimate atmosphere the identifying qualities of V. With prices affordable to everyone. That’s why we define ourselves (a sort of) speakeasy restaurant.

Why do we feel embarrassed?

Because our hills teem with excellence in catering and we know it well: for years we have had wonderful experiences enjoying the delicious cuisine offered by the territory.

This awareness fills us with stimulus and responsibilities; we will certainly do our best to live up to our restaurateurs friends, to your expectations, to what Valdobbiadene deserves.

And if we won’t be able to do it, the many alternatives we will help you choose nearby will make up for our limits. But we are confident that the culinary experience we will be able to present you will live up to expectations.

Why V?

he easiest, shortest and most immediate answer should be V like Valdobbiadene. And that’s exactly how the idea was born.

Then, during the research and the brand naming we realized, that, with the same method, V could be declined as initial of a series of adjectives (photo) that fully characterized the concept of restaurant we wanted to propose in the city center of the world capital of Prosecco.

And last, but not least, studying the visual system and the communication, we decided to use subjects that would do just the V. Which is full of meanings. Yes, it means victory, which usually send a positive feeling and wellness, it’s exclusive and reserved for a few; it veiledly reminds of the sobriety of the restaurant, which, loves tranquility and intimacy, typical in dinners for two, tête-à-tête; it’s above all the symbol of peace, meant by us as relax and as a higher message.

In a sign, simple but not trivial, many meanings. That’s why V.

Did you take a look at the dinners-concert and at the dinners with author?

Drop by our always-updated events page, you could get to know the monthly appointments of «JazzLovesGoodCooking» and «Con la cultura (non) si mangia». The special dinner dates, with food for the belly and food for the mind…

This is a cool one:
is it getting late? Have you raised the bar a little bit?

Safety, first.
We at V and Hotel Diana work to make you feel good and we love it!

If after dinner you don’t feel like going home because it’s late, or simply because you’ve had too much toast, don’t worry: we have a clean and ready bed prepared for you (slippers and toothbrush are given to you by us).

35,00* euros and you spend a quiet night in the hotel.

Then, if you wish, you could have a sweet wake-up with an abundant sweet and savory breakfast in our rich and well-stocked buffet!

*price per person, +1,80 euro of city tax, breakfast supplement 8,00 x 1.

Reserve a table.
Without fear.

We don’t love confusion, that’s why we accept few guests per day and we prefer to receive reservations in advance, in order to prepare ourselves at best!

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