Our menu: always new, seasonal, local and homemade.

A new menu every week.

Seasonal products from our splendid territory that we prepare fresh daily, most made by us. We pay particular attention to beef and veal: we are sincere, when we say they are zero-kilometer.

In order to best present our local products, we change the menu every week, this way we are able to propose all the best of our territory.

Quality not quantity

We try to follow the guest completely, we don't care to make a lot of place settings, we take good care of the dishes and their presentation, we are not exclusive but we love sobriety and sharing our passion.

SmartDinner: it doesn’t matter what you eat but how many dishes you get. Easy!

How much does it cost? It’s all very simple, transparent, innovative: it doesn’t matter how much you eat, but how many dishes you get. We call it SmartDinner.

You can choose from starters, first courses, second courses and desserts, whatever you like. The price is made by the number of courses that you choose.

Of course, water, coffee, bread and service are already included.


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Chef de rang


Maître d'hotel

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