Our Wines

The best Valdobbiadene Prosecco
(in our opinion)

For a restaurant in the centre of Valdobbiadene, for a restaurant whose aim is to let people taste our special territory, it is essential to present the best Prosecco, which, to be precise, should be called Valdobbiadene Superiore (which is the real Prosecco).

As with the menus, we have chosen to present a different winery each week from the current six that we have selected with meticulous care.

Sure that our guests will taste the real excellence of our territory.

Here they are.

Okay, we have the best Valdobbiadene to drink. But that's not all we can offer…

Yeah, all right, we are in the centre of Valdobbiadene and we love our wine, which comes from the wonderful Prosecco Hills. But as we have already said, our priority is to make all our guests feel at ease, so our wine list has the right mix of proposals. Without overdoing it - essentiality always remains one of our important qualities - but giving everyone the freedom to enjoy dishes at their best with appropriate pairings.

And, ça va sans dire, everything is strictly local.

... prestigious wineries, always local

Even for foreign wineries, intended as producers of good wine that is not Valdobbiadene DOCG, we have a choice that presents the best grape varieties of the region Veneto. And what surprises we discovered during our research!

Many are obviously established and well-known. With merit. But we also have some goodies that are rarely in restaurants....