Table booking

Every day we work on fresh goods for the menu-all and we believe it is responsible not to waste food by preparing excess food. That's why we think it's important to know in advance how many guests we'll have for dinner. Thank you!

Monday to Friday.
Saturdays, Sundays, pre-holidays and holidays, we rest! :)

This is a cool one:
is it getting late? Have you raised the bar a little bit?

Safety, first.
We at V and Hotel Diana work to make you feel good and we love it!

If after dinner you don’t feel like going home because it’s late, or simply because you’ve had too much toast, don’t worry: we have a clean and ready bed prepared for you (slippers and toothbrush are given to you by us).

35,00* euros and you spend a quiet night in the hotel.

Then, if you wish, you could have a sweet wake-up with an abundant sweet and savory breakfast in our rich and well-stocked buffet!

*price per person, +3,00 euro of city tax, breakfast supplement 8,00 x 1.

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