in V.

Valdobbiadene downtown, drinking the real Valdobbiadene.

V. (a sort of) speakeasy restaurant

Jazz concerts and meetings with literary Authors, fresh dishes, from our wonderful territory and all homemade. Of course seasonal

A typically urban situation, contemporary and without snobbery. Sober and exclusive and reserved, because we don't love confusion. In contrary: we like to let experience the dinner with tranquility, good music, candlelight and a few selected guests. That's why it reminds us of the speakeasy of the 20s or today's ones very in vogue in the Big Apple.

The price? Here, too, we innovate with transparency, placing simplicity first: it's our «smart dinner»

Good food, intimacy, kindness.
And good music.

Seasonal dishes, fresh, local and almost all homemade.

Always new menus, to follow the seasons

and - above all - an innovative offer with a pricing policy that in V we define «smart».

Valdobbiadene Docg from the most prestigious wineries, summer garden a stone's throw from the new square, delicious fillets and sliced beef.

SmartMenù?! WTF?!

It's a fresh and simple way to present the cost of dinner.

We don't offer a fixed-price menu or an all-you-can-eat option. You're completely free to eat whatever you like, choosing from our à la carte menu that we prepare fresh and new every week, to follow the seasons and offer delicious new dishes. We only count how many courses you choose, like this:

The most appreciated dishes. So much that we always leave them on the menu.

Local fillet or sliced beef.

We aren’t lying: the farms where we choose beef for the meats are 7 kilometers far from the restaurant.
The most requested dish in V, appreciated in all its proposed forms.

In the glass.

Certified from the Academy of Italian Cuisine as the dessert invented in Treviso in 1950. Where today, in October, the world championship is even held. And we prepare it just as the original recipe imposes. And our guests love it very much.

We are here to make your evening better.
We want to do it, or at least we try!

Puppies are our friends.

At V, passion for food is combined with love for animals. We are glad to welcome your four-legged friends in a welcoming environment. Love for animals blends with good and sustainable food. We look forward for you to share special moments with your four-legged friends!

Reserve a table.
Without fear.

We don’t love confusion, that’s why we accept few guests per day and we prefer to receive reservations in advance, in order to prepare ourselves at best!

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