Con la cultura (non) si mangia

The second major season of meetings with Literary Authors at Dinner. Together.

by V restaurant

12/31/20231 min read

Once a month, midweek, we invite you to participate to our special dinners «Con la Cultura (non) si Mangia». Accompanied by authors of curious books and compelling stories, you could taste delicious dishes while you listen to intriguing tales.

Welcoming an audience hungry for knowledge and culture to whom to offer a special and mouthwatering evening.

The receipt is as simple as interesting: authors of interesting books, with curious stories, intriguing and unknown to most, accompanied by appetizing dishes. A dinner chat, together with first-rate writers, but as if on the couch at home, and then concluding the meeting with the actual interview.

With the journalist Adriana Rasera, who leads the evenings and to whom we have entrusted the direction of the review and with whom we have drawn up a very interesting program for the names proposed and the topics covered, we present a cultural-gastronomic review to disprove that minister who asserted that "with culture you can't eat"; in V, with culture, you can eat! And well, too.